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Leadership by Example: The Ten Key Principles of All Great Leaders.

Dr. Chopra’s lecture on “Leadership for the 21st Century: The Tenets of Leadership”  has received wide acclaim and given more than 60 times in the United States and more than a dozen countries abroad.

In this talk, Dr. Sanjiv Chopra, MD, MACP, will discuss historic figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Florence Nightingale and Winston Churchill, as well as contemporary leaders, and examine what makes them effective. What are some of the qualities and attributes of great leaders? Dr. Chopra will assert that great leaders listen well, have empathy, dream big, are resilient, have a sense of purpose, possess humility and humor, and have integrity and great people skills. Ultimately, they adhere to their principles and “pack other peoples’ parachutes.”

Attendee Comments

“An inspiring and heartwarming presentation on leadership and the positive evaluation of the human potential.  Magnificent!”

“Well done.  I felt a lump in my throat at various points in your beautiful inspiring talk and I think others did as well.  The long and vigorous applause at the end was well deserved.  I think you may have a new career.”

“I want to tell you how much I enjoyed and admired your tour de force at Grand Rounds on Thursday.  Your speech was nothing short of spectacular – thoughtful, original, motivational, simply brilliant.  It was uplifting.”

“Medical Grand Rounds yesterday was a delight!  The house staff found your speech inspirational.  I hope that many other audiences will have the opportunity to hear you on this topic in the future.” 

“Your talk was so inspirational, it had many in the room on the verge of tears (including me).  People raved to me for the next 2 days about your talk.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“You are a “STAR”….over 200 people attended your lecture from all over the world and they couldn’t help but stop talking about it for the next couple of days—-
WOW !!”

“It was an honor to hear your talk for the ACP Board of Governors in Scottsdale this week.  It was inspirational and humbling.  I would use the quotes as self inspirational and for my daughter, who is starting her life with her first year of college.  Thank you again.”

“Thank you for your superb Fleischner Lecture in the Department of Radiology this past Friday.  It was a truly inspiring lecture — I have no doubt that its message will positively influence the future careers and “life stories” of those who had the privilege to be in attendance for it.”

“Thank you for your exciting and provocative lecture this morning.  I think it was the most important Fleischner Lecture ever.  Factually speaking I have heard many “important lectures” in my career but yours tops all and I consider one of a lifetime.  One will not hear another lecture like yours in a lifetime.”

“I just have to tell you that I still have not stopped thinking about your lecture on Leadership.  I have the 10 tenets posted over my desk as a constant reminder.  In addition, I have shared them with several leaders and prospective leaders I know in the Pathology field.  Thanks once again for your incredible and most inspiring lecture.”

“Your keynote presentation this past Friday was breathtaking.  The comments from attendees in response to your talk would surely have made you blush.  You defined leadership and demonstrated enormous humility.  You shared stories of inspiration and modeled inspiring leadership yourself.  I feel so privileged to know you as a colleague and friend.  May you continue to enjoy this aspect of your career, as it fits you like so magnificently.”

“I was so inspired by your presentation.  As a premedical student, it gets difficult at times to stay motivated and remember why it is I want to work so hard to practice medicine in the first place.  Your lecture was the best inspiration I have had in a long time.  From Paul Farmer to Elie Wiesel to Margaret Meade to Gandhi, you spoke about many of my personal heroes, and did it in a way that reminded me of what I admire about those people in the first place.  Thank you so much for taking the time to speak at USD.”

“Perhaps the most moving and inspirational presentation I have ever had the privilege to attend.  I had moist eyes and a lump in my throat when Dr. Chopra finished his discussion.”

“No less a leader than he passionately talked about.  He provided his own troop with the emotional and spiritual energy they need to go out there and tell “their own story.”

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