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An Invitation to Good Health and Lasting Happiness

“Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness”… A statement in our Declaration of Independence that was referred to as “an inalienable right” This pursuit of happiness was enough for our country to go to war and yet to this day, although virtually everyone pursues happiness, most find it elusive.

Unhappiness is common in our land of plenty. In a country where opportunity abounds and we live at an unprecedented time in history, where we are technologically and advanced and have the whole world at our fingertips many people still find happiness and joy missing from their lives.

During this talk Dr. Chopra explores: Is there a formula for happiness? If you are happy can you be happier? What is the difference between, pleasure, joy, bliss, and happiness? Is there a connection between happiness, health, and longevity? Does success create happiness or does happiness create success?

This talk covers the latest research on happiness. It will look at what works and what does not work when it comes to being happy. We are confident that you will leave both informed and inspired and have in your possession powerful tools that will make you happier than when you walked in!

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