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Microbiome, Man and Medicine: A Revolution in Modern Medicine

In this talk Dr. Chopra covers how our understanding of medical interventions changed with a greater understanding of the microbiome and it’s role in human life. Dr. Chopra explores how our understanding of the microbiome evolved over the years and how our knowledge of it forever changed the way we view medical treatments and the human body.

Attendee Comments

“An inspiring and heartwarming presentation on leadership and the positive evaluation of the human potential.  Magnificent!”

“Always a wonderful speaker and what a fascinating topic.”

“Captivating presentation.”

“A great session! Very interesting!” 

“Amazing talk, I learned a ton.”

” I can’t get enough of his lectures.”

“Dr. Chopra is always thought provoking and always presents cutting edge medicine.”

“Always inspiring…wish he continued talking.”

“A most exciting speaker, no one sleeps in a Chopra presentation.”

“This was the best presentation in the entire program. Please ask him to participate again next year.”

“This man thinks!”

” A Master at doing what he does best…teach.”

” It was worth coming to this conference just to hear this talk.”

” Outstanding, masterful introduction of a new field. Dr. Chopra was amazingly clear and warmly enthusiastic.”

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