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Live Better. Live Longer. What’s Fact, What’s Fiction?

In the field of longevity literature fact and fiction are often confused. This talk is a derivative of Dr. Chopra’s widely acclaimed book “Live Better, Live Longer”. Dr. Sanjiv Chopra goes through the vast number of studies distilling the essence and sharing with you how to live a healthier and longer life. You will be both startled and pleasantly surprised. Amongst the topics covered are the health benefits of coffee, Vitamin D, nuts, and meditation.

Attendees leave the talk singing its praise:
“Life changing”
“I will share this wisdom with family and friends”
“Eye opener”
“I’m going to feel less guilty about drinking four cups of coffee a day”
“The only vitamin I’m going to take, is Vitamin D3.”
“Most informative and inspirational.”
“I loved his advice – you should mediate once a day, and if you don’t have time to that, then you should meditate twice a day!”

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