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A Hero’s Story: The Story of Papá Jaime

In my book Leadership by Example, I write about Papá Jaime, and how he found his purpose in life. After witnessing a seven-year-old orphan girl get hit by a truck in his hometown of Bogotá, he realized his calling was to help the many underprivileged children in his country and move orphans from the streets to safety. In the 40 years since, he has done great work in helping thousands of orphans. He actively collects money to fund his work by selling cookies at restaurants, but this only covers half the costs of operation. He has no steady way of getting the other half, but he always seems to find it somehow. People who hear of his work are often inspired to donate. One striking example of this is the story of a homeless woman who, upon hearing of Papá Jaime’s financial struggles, gave him the only money she had to her name: $60,000 that her son had sent her to buy herself a home. So strong is his drive and purpose in life, and so vital is the work he does for children, it has inspired other to step up and help in powerful and surprising ways.

Posted on: February 2nd, 2017 by Dr. Sanjiv Chopra