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Happiness and Living with Purpose: Keys to a Joy Filled Life

In this talk Dr. Chopra discusses how finding a purposes is key to achieving joy. He also discusses how friendship, forgiveness, giving, and gratitude are the basis to increasing happiness and lasting joy. The talk is based on scientific research, uncovering the keys to happiness through research.

Attendee Comments

“Dr. Chopra is a most gifted speaker. His speech was compelling and brought me to tears. It was a cause for great introspection on my part. I am most grateful. One of the best lectures I have ever attended.”

“One of the great masters. His academic lectures have always been mainstays. Now he ascends to philosophic greatness with a nice, folksy, humble, populist twist.”

“After this talk, I will certainly smile at everybody, transpire happiness and humility.”

“This was a wonderful inspiring presentation…and I applaud Dr. Chopra for sharing his profound wisdom. Thank you for including the heart in the science of medicine.”

“He was an incredible speaker- made me cry of happiness!!!”

“The absolute BEST!!! Great inspirational speaker.”

“Every facet of practice will be positively affected by Dr. Chopra’s subject matter today.”

“Please have him do a follow up on this next year and every year! I do not know how it could top this one! Best ever ever!”

“Dr. Chopra is always the highlight of the conference!”

“Dr. Chopra has the ability to make the listener feel as though he was speaking directly to me as well as all the other people in the room.”

“Hope a recording of this will be available online to share with colleagues and family.”

“Dr. Sanjiv Chopra has no equal. He is outstanding.”

“Excellent. Superb. Bring him back next year.”

“Dr. Chopra always surprise us in the best way.”

“As every year, a great speaker, wonderful presentation. Hope everyone heeds his message!”

“Dr. Chopra is a passionate best professor, a motivational speaker in medicine and life. Wonderful! Enjoyed! I am glad my son attended the lecture”

“It revised my purpose of life, and it was really enlightening.”

“Love more. Forgive more. Be more grateful!”

“Dr. Chopra showed one more time how excellent and professional he is. I will keep in mind now that the patient priority, is happiness.”

“Dr. Chopra provides a compelling discussion on ways of looking at life that provide we all need to incorporate into the humanistic aspects of practice.”

“I will seek to find my purpose in life and to help others find theirs.”

“Like always, excellent speaker, realized how life is so wonderful.”

“I love hearing Dr. Chopra talk. Everything he says gives me happiness & joy–even bliss at times!!!! Too many wonderful things to list that I learned: everything!!!”

“This has to be given 10 stars.”

“I will apply to myself and share with others since it is a beautiful gift from Dr. Chopra”

“Inspirational. Eye-opening realization that most of daily activity is wasted, and true happiness is in the moments we create, reflecting on those moments and spreading joy to others. Must implement this philosophy into my life.”

“Fabulous!! Even more uplifting than Pharrell Williams’s Happy song!”

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